Working from 5am - 1pm shift is kinda okay. It's the part where I have to wake up everyday at 2am is the hard part. Going to the office is also one factor. There are few buses passing through our vicinity. Tough luck if a bus comes ...yet, I still have to wait at least 15 - 45 minutes for the bus to get full. Phew! I guess didn't have any choice. Anyway, that's life. We all gotta work to earn more money. The fact that the prices of almost everything went up. We have to consider practicing not to be dismayed easily by the things that make our lives hard. These are just trials and tasks for us. We also have to do our fair share of good deeds in this world.

Working is not hard. It's the process of going to work that really bothers all of us. We may try to complain to alot of things, still, we can't do anything. Jumping from one company to another is not actually the best solution for us. We just have to try accepting the fact that we should be thankful that we have a job. Not all of us have that opportunity, don't you think so? Anyway, appreciate small things that come your way...and everything will follow.


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