1. A Brand new car ( hahaha! you wish )
  2. A wallet ( yeah! so, there would be more space for more money)
  3. Extra keychain with extra keys (so, he will not give you excuses that he lost his keys to your house in case, he comes home late.
  4. A bracelet or necklace with your name engraved on it. (but, make sure at the back it say "his wife")
  5. A cellphone (so, you can call him or text him if he tells you he's going out with friends. huh?!! yeah right?!!) ..and make a recording of your voice and set it as a ring tone "which says, I Love You Honey, make sure you come home early. your wife...then your name. hahaha!)
  6. A new watch (so, he can always tell that it's time for him to go home)
  7. Lingerie ( for you to wear for an exciting and hot Christmas eve)
  8. A Book (Title: "10 things to make your wife happy"... )
  9. If you don't have cash, cook him his favorite dish (...make sure he is watching, 'coz you'll just be wearing something that will tickle him)
  10. A Bible

To top it all, the best gift would be the BIBLE. Here, you can spend more time with him. Praying together at the same time, getting closer to GOD. I believe that a couple who prays together and reads the bible are the ones who make the marriage more exciting and everlasting.


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