Countless thoughts and sentiments are hard to express in words. Well, it may not be always but sometimes a visual picture rich in style, color and texture can best express how we really feel. Most often drawings can speak thoughts from the unconscious that the conscious mind can embark on to decipher and be aware of for a more truthful picture of the real you.

COLORS and SHAPES of objects : This can signify the mood and personal meaning. I’ve read somewhere that “exploring thoughts, memories and feelings from the right side of the brain can often guide us to a clearer perceptive of where these come from and what they represent. A plot included in drawings can be used to enhance memories of journal/blogs/diary entries from events, travel or situations.

Someone suggested some useful tips, which I want to share with you used in art therapy classes:

  1. Close your eyes and draw a line on a page. Open your eyes and from what you see, finish the picture to make whatever you would like.
  2. Draw something that best describes you.
  3. Pin point one part of your body, which stress usually starts.
  4. Draw a mandala. Your own mandala.

(A Mandala is from the Sanskrit for circle. A complex circular design, intended to draw the eye inward to its center.)

  1. Draw something that represents your resentment, trepidation or feelings.
  2. Draw anything you like. Anything that comes to your mind for any reason whatsoever.

Here’s my drawing:

1. Thinking of the Future
A better shelter. Will there be a tomorrow for all of us?

2. Work
This includes your boss, co-workers, job.

3. Money
How to spend, save and multiply.

4. Time
How to make good use of the time we have.

5. Husband / Wife / Kids
How to make them proud. How can we make our kids listen and be a better person.
How to be a
good example to them.

I talked to my daughter today asking her questions. I thought maybe this is the right time to make her confess about what she thinks about the 10 things kids hate about “US” adults. How did I convince her to talk? Well, bribing is one thing that really helped.

  1. They always blame the kids even though it is their fault.
  2. Even though you put a sign on your door, they still go in your room.
  3. They make us take a nap even if we are not sleepy.
  4. They make me sleep early at night when I don’t feel like sleeping yet.
  5. They are so boring!
  6. When they get mad they are screaming…SUPER LOUD!!!
  7. If they need to say sorry, they are waiting for the kids to say sorry.
  8. They don’t like watching cartoons. They watch too much boring shows.
  9. They talk too much.
  10. When you ask them a question, they will tell the answer…. then, they tell you a story that would really bore you. You have to pretend that you are listening.

These are the exact words coming from my daughter. Some can make you laugh. Some are eye openers for me as a parent or an adult. This really helped me be closer to my kid in a way. Have you ever talked to your kids about their thoughts?

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I'm currently not in the right place to write. Been very busy lately buying presents for friends and family. Today, I'm here in my parent's house helping out to set up a party for their workers. Huh?! What am I doing here with my sister's PC. I'm supposed to be downstairs preparing the food. Maybe, I just can't seem not to miss writing, do I? OK...see you guys tomorrow or maybe, the day after tomorrow. Miss writing for you guys. Keep enjoying my wonderful site...

Asta la vista !!!


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Have you ever thought of your New year's Resolution for 2008?

Upon hearing some people about the what their resolutions are, you might wonder why....

Some say, they want to save for a new car.
... a new house, maybe .
... a boyfriend / girlfriend.
... better job opportunity.
... to become more fit.
... quit smoking / drinking.
... get out of debt.
... to be more organized .... blah blah blah !!!

But, have you ever wondered how many times they've tried wishing for those stuff. I mean, give me some results ! For you to be able to achieve what you really want, the first thing to do is look around. You are very lucky for the things that GOD has given you. Yet, you've taken advantage of it. Do we really need a new car, a new job, a new lover or is this just something we want? Why can't we give someone something for a change. MAKE OTHER'S HAPPY !!! Or if you can't stop those ugly habits....try going to a hospital for people who has gotten sick for smoking or too much drinking.
Instead of swiping those plastics for something you don't really need. Keep it for future use / emergency. Credit cards are not meant for making our lives miserable. It's been invented to make our lives easier. So, when we're out of cash during the month, we'll have an alternative. Now, it's up to us how to handle it. See a shrink if you have shopping problems.

For God's sake, knock yourself on the head and wake up !!! It's 2008 already's time for us to change for the betterment of yourself, family and the world. GOODLUCK to you.... peace ...

This is the only time I've been excited with my trip again. So, I'm very proud to share it to everybody. As we were sitting waiting for the sea lion show to start, a crew asked me if I wanted to be the lucky guest. Well, not knowing what to do I said, "yes".

This enormous sea lion was my blind date on this show. I was really shocked when the trainer asked me to stand beside Coby the Famous Sealion. It was really cool when he stretched his flippers (if that's what you call them) , it seem he knows and understand what he's told to do.

Can you see Coby trying to lean towards me?
Wow ! Actually, he's waiting for me to give him my cheek. So, he could give me a very big wet kiss ! My reaction was really not that amused, don't you think so?! I was feeling kinda scared at first. But, when asked to rate Coby's Kiss, it wasn't at all bad.

I gave him a 10 !!! Best Kisser of 2007.. hahaha !!!

As you can see on my recent posts, it talks about my trip to different places. Last December 15, 2007, we went to Subic near Olangapo City, Philippines. First stop was the Zoobic Safari. There was a lot of close encounters from different animals. My favorite part of the tour was when the tigers came running after the vehicle we're on. One of the trainer tried feeding the tiger and went to a full stop. it was really exciting !!! You can see the kids getting scared and faces getting stomped by the tigers roar.

We've had other close encounters with camels as well ...

We had a 2 hour tour. More animals was shown to us :

I've also shot some videos :

Lastly, a dance from the Aeta's Tribe

This shows the full view of the house located around Las Piñas City Area, Metro Manila, Philippines.
This house has 5 bedrooms in it. This includes the master bedroom, library (used as a study room/office), music room, maids quarters, driver's quarters and an extra room (for whatever purpose you desire).

Master Bedroom has its own shower room and bath tub. There are 2 toilet bowls and two basins installed for his and her. A dresser is also placed in the room for your convenience.

There is an additional 6 toilet & bath in the residence. A laundry area, water tank, garden, canopy is also included. A six seater table and chairs is installed in the kitchen. If you don't want to get your kitchen messy a dirty kitchen was built for washing and doing hard cooking.

The house has a lot of 332 Square meters and floor area of 660 square meters. Designed and build by a Esteñero.
The residence is priced to an P11 million offer ( Negotiable)
You can leave a comment for more information or contact +63921-7449999 /
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Here are samples of the pictures taken :

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People are just not satisfied with what they have. Sometimes, we never notice that we are lucky. We have a job, a family, friends, a house, money..etc. We hate coming to work because we don't want to see our own boss. It annoys us when he gives us too much tasks or if he gives us this weird look everyday. When we're at home, we sometimes wished we're in a different place. With friends, we sometimes wished we have better. Our house, we wished that it was bigger and more of like a celebrity mansion. How much is enough for us?

Looking at life as our biggest and most wonderful gift we could ever have will make it more easier for us to appreciate the things around us. Even the simplest things that come our way. We have to be happy and contented to the things brought to us as not all of us were given such blessings. Some do not have families. Some do not have jobs. Some do not have friends. Some do not have almost everything we have. So, look around you and APPRECIATE !!!

If you have a terrible boss, just be contented. As long as you have a job that will reward you to a sum of money which you deserve to have. A small house?... just be comfy with it. No matter how small it is, it still shelters you from heat and rain. It gives you comfort from the cold breeze we get outside. Friends, no matter how screwed up they look, they will always be there if you needed them. Just like your own family, love them, care for them, treasure them! Because they will be the last one to perish when everything else is gone. Through thick and thin...they will stay beside you and show how happy they are, just to be with you. This is because they love you and will stick with you no matter what.

My sister is now in her 3rd year as a nursing student. As early as now, when I told her about travel nursing she was so thrilled. She said, as soon as she graduates, that is what she wanted to do. My sister is single and loves to travel. She’s been to different countries and doesn’t have any difficulty adjusting to different lifestyles. So, anyone who has the skill and knowledge in nursing and loves traveling is suited for a position as a travel nurse. Travel nursing gives you a priceless job experience.

Not only does travel nursing have excellent income benefits. They also have the benefits of full medical, vision, dental, life insurance. Travel nurses do not have to worry about finding a comfortable place for them to stay because a good quality furnished free housing is also offered.

In nursing history, nurses would travel with doctors who would go to different hospitals to different parts of the world. But, I’m not really sure where they stay back then. Of course, these nurses won’t be paying too much attention to these offers if they weren’t given much importance, as to giving them their needs and desires.

It is evident to the world that quality nurses are being transported to one place to another. That is why giving these nurses the attention and benefits will ensure the safety of nursing practice for the protection of the patients.

A better health care and safer nursing practice.

The Task is to have one vision so we can DO it into a common achievement. Being a travel nurse is an offer that is hard to turn down. If I could go back in time and had knowledge about this great opportunity, I would definitely be one of them.


Huh?! Everything's Ok. It's just sometimes you seem to feel that there's something lacking. I have my family, friends, money is not at all a problem (sometimes...hehehe!) but, there's just something that is bothering me. I just don't know what. Have you ever felt this way sometime in your life? I feel like doing something. But, I don't know what.

It's like if ever I find what it is..." I'll be OK".

Ok...ok...what a word. Nothing really satisfies a man. Why is that? Sad to think that we feel this way when we know that God will not disappoint us. When problems occur I just turn to him that's it. Coz' I know he will not leave me hanging. He knows until where we can handle our problems or anxiety. Oh I know !!! Maybe it's hormones that's making me feel down and lonely. : (

Maybe I just have to spend more time out of my home. Have some air maybe or a trip to disneyland. Huh?! as if I can go there that easy.

Maybe, thinking too much is bad for me. Gotta think of ways to entertain myslf.. chaio !!!

Feeling so sick today. My baby just doesn't feel like sleepin'. Arghhh !!! gotta have a long break or I'll just collapse in no time. It's weird now that I have a maid, I still feel exhausted. It's the lack of sleep i guess. Maybe, a short nap would help.... snore! snore!

  1. A Brand new car ( hahaha! you wish )
  2. A wallet ( yeah! so, there would be more space for more money)
  3. Extra keychain with extra keys (so, he will not give you excuses that he lost his keys to your house in case, he comes home late.
  4. A bracelet or necklace with your name engraved on it. (but, make sure at the back it say "his wife")
  5. A cellphone (so, you can call him or text him if he tells you he's going out with friends. huh?!! yeah right?!!) ..and make a recording of your voice and set it as a ring tone "which says, I Love You Honey, make sure you come home early. your wife...then your name. hahaha!)
  6. A new watch (so, he can always tell that it's time for him to go home)
  7. Lingerie ( for you to wear for an exciting and hot Christmas eve)
  8. A Book (Title: "10 things to make your wife happy"... )
  9. If you don't have cash, cook him his favorite dish (...make sure he is watching, 'coz you'll just be wearing something that will tickle him)
  10. A Bible

To top it all, the best gift would be the BIBLE. Here, you can spend more time with him. Praying together at the same time, getting closer to GOD. I believe that a couple who prays together and reads the bible are the ones who make the marriage more exciting and everlasting.

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As a stay-at-home mom, I just can't stop myself from just doing nothing. Yes, I take care of my kids. I tutor them but, it just won't satisfy me. I have to do something that would make me more productive. So, I thought of looking for the rightbusiness would be the perfect thing to do. I would like to find ways to help my husband earn more than what we get from his company.

I love to cook and I was thinking of putting up my own restobar. Just don't know how and where to start. I love fashion. So, I also thought of putting up my own boutique. Selling my fashionable accessories and clothes. But, looking for the right place and the right market is the far most important thing to consider. I've already started looking for suppliers but it seem so hard. Because there are alot of competitions around us. It's just a matter of how to advertise and make yourself known. Hmm.... probably I'm just afraid that I might fail. But, no pain no glory, right?!!!!

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Only had 1 hour of sleep. My son was so sick, I had to bring him to the doctor. But, that night was really sumtin', I really have to check on him. It was really hard to think and move around when your body is telling you "GO to SLEEP..." Sigh...but, we have to get moving.

And so, we went to "CASA MEDICA" a place where doctors have their clinics. Not really a hospital, because it's inside a mall. Anyway, we went to get our names listed and was told the doctor would be in at 12nn. We waited....and waited....and waited !!! You can see the people getting tired and bored. The sick people getting restless and cold. Damn those kinds of doctors (though not all). Can't they just give the front desk a call that they will be late or that something came up?...Gosh! where is your professionalism? Isn't it that when you had your oath taken it includes your supposed interests toward your patients.

I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art. I will not cut persons laboring under the stone, but will leave this to be done by men who are practitioners of this work. Into whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick, and will abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption; and, further from the seduction of females or males, of freemen and slaves. Whatever, in connection with my professional practice or not, in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times! But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot!

The majority of people have expectations of their doctor. He is expected to be available to that individual in the time of need. He should not abandon"his" patient. What she did was one way of attempted abandonment. There is a contract not well defined by law, but which carries much weight, even in a court of law. Many patients who were waiting are very sick which includes my son. It is very disrespectful for a doctor not to think of his/her patients benefit too. I know for a fact that she might have other patients to attend to beforehand. But, when we see her come, she looked liked she was not in a hurry after arriving 45 minutes late. She was even with her husband who is also a doctor in CASA MEDICA.

If I were a doctor, I would inform the front desk or my assistant that I will be late or call 30 minutes before my duty, if I have to attend and be absent for such reasons. Don’t be too proud enough just because you are making money out of your patients. I’m not speaking for all doctors. But please don’t imitate this doctor. She’s really very annoying. She was even so informative. She just simply looked at my son’s throat without even looking for other possibilities why my son has been sick for 3 days. If I hadn’t asked her questions we would have been out of the room with less than 5 minutes. JUST LIKE THAT!!! She was too busy scribbling and asking us to be back after a day or two. Huh?!! For what?!! I ain’t gonna go back to that stupid doctor. This is the first time, I’ve experienced such. Well, that goes for her husband too. When I had my eyes checked. They really seem to not really care for their patients.

GOD Bless you wonderful doctors out there. Hope there’s more of you and less of them…

Gosh! It's Monday again. I have to do my daily routine of waking up at quarter to six. Cook breakfast and help my second son get ready for school. Making sure my husband eats a lot and prepares all his stuff before going to work. Well, I know …he’s big enough to prepare his own breakfast or his things. But, it’s just my way of showing him my gratitude of being a great provider and an excellent husband. It's just a little unusual today, knowing my baby has a little fever. Must be more cautious though. Have to ensure that the temperature is ok once in awhile. I’m not hoping for a dengue fever but we just don’t know when it will smack.

Hmm…. Planning to go to the mall today. I’m planning for my son’s 1st Birthday party.

Actually, I’m running out of ideas on what foodstuff people prefer to devour; adults and children. And oh! would be cool to have lots of games. We already have the “Pabitin”, bring me games. But, it’s just too common.

It would be great if you join me in my neighborhood and I’d be glad enough to entertain suggestions and advice. See yah …

I was just looking through my notebook I use in church. There was this page I wrote down about a topic in our last service; I believe it was this November 11, 2007.

The topic was taken from the Bible ACTS 9: 20-25

It was about Saul who was preaching Christ in the synagogue and that he is the Son of God. The people around him became annoyed when he was preaching. Thinking how he knew too much or how did he know all this stuff. Why do they get annoyed when all he was trying to do was spreading the good news of the Lord?

Some people tend to judge other people just because they have a lot of things to say. Let us not be such a quack here. Sometimes we do think that we know better or no matter what he says, we’re still going to do what we feel like doing. No matter what they say...cause this is your life?!!

But you know what? It takes courage to know Jesus and to preach about Him. You don’t have to go to Bible school to be a disciple. Becoming a disciple requires discipline not just desire. Because discipline protects desire to make what we speak and act godly.

It takes a disciple to hold a rope. When someone is trying to demolish our church, someone out there is ready to get injure himself and grasp on the rope to protect it. Thank God for Rope Holders.

My son had his educational field trip yesterday. My husband and I tagged along together with the whole school. It was not really a very thrilling moment for us because it was raining very hard. Not only did we leave the school an hour after the said departure time but, we spent almost 2 hours to reach the first destination. My thought was, “It was a never ending trip”. Kids were shouting all over the bus and the aircon was like we’re in a freezer.

Upon reaching the Avilon Zoo located in Montalban, Rizal, Philippines, it was already midday. We’d have to eat lunch. So much time is wasted. Not knowing that there would be a cold front, we didn’t get a chance to bring umbrellas, raincoats or anything that would keep us from getting wet.

And so, the tour started. Noticing that most of the animals were just hiding from their dens and cages. I just hope that we didn’t join the field trip. Aside from being soaked to death by the heavy rain, our camera just died on us as we were taking pictures.

Somehow, we were lucky that we took some pictures and videos before it happened.

Here is some actual footage of some animals in the zoo.

Water Dragon Lizards

Bird Family


My best friend

more videos;


"dancing parrot"


Arapaima is a tropical freshwater fish from South America. It is one of the largest freshwaterfish in the world, reportedly with a maximum length in excess of 3 m (9.8 ft.) and weight up to 200 kg (440 lb.). As one of the most sought after food fish species in South America, it is often captured primarily by handheld nets for export, by spearfishing for local consumption, and, consequently, large arapaima of more than 2 m are seldom found in the wild today.

The diet of the arapaima consists of fish or even other kinds of small animals, including birds. The fish also has the ability to breathe air from the surface due to a lung-like lining of its throat, an advantage in oxygen-deprived water that is often found in the Amazon River. This fish is therefore able to survive extensive drought periods by gulping air and burrowing in the mud or sand of the swamps.

The arapaima has also been introduced for fishing in Thailand and Malaysia. It is also considered an aquarium fish, although it obviously requires a large tank and ample resources.

Fossils of arapaima or a very similar species have been found in the Miocene Villavieja

more videos;

"Resting Ostrich"

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I came across a video in about a person whose username is bassnrifle. He wrote about Filipinos in relation to the desperate housewives fever remark. Here’s the video and his comment about Filipinos :

“Filipinos got big issues.They gave a big damn on it. Who's desperate now? It's a BIG insult, and Filipinos deserve it. Many filipino doctors here in US are doing illegal things, like getting too much money from the insurance co. How do they do that? haha! See? you cry baby pinoys know nothing! And stop thinking that filipino nurses (ewww!) and pinoy doctors are in demand because they are that good, hell no! They are in demand because of "CHEAP LABOR". But the quality? How is it? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”


I believe it's not proper for you to speak ill of Filipinos like that. We are human too you know. We are just trying to react on the things that they did / say. It was really wrong for them to broadcast such remarks. NO matter what race or country it came from. A public apology is still needed for that.

What if we Filipinos say that Americans are too proud or user friendly people. Isn't it that Americans will get mad?...Of course, they would. it's not the people we're mad at. It's the remarks. If we people would just think straight and just backup each others differences. Our world will be a better place.

Filipinos are hard working people. They strive hard to work for their families they left behind. There might be a few that needed some guidance not to over use their so smart minds in doing bad stuff. But, it's just a matter of acceptance and appreciation towards each other. Be a people person and be sensitive about other people's feelings.

God Bless you ! Don't be so judgmental or such a racist. God did not plan his people to fight but to love and support each other. No hard feelings Bro ! You're not the one being asked for an apology. It's the actions from people who have hurt decent and hardworking individuals who, in fact, are just minding their own business.

Tagalog : Sinong Pogi?
English : Who is Handsome / Goodlooking

Baby answers:
Tagalog: Ako
English: Me

It was October 2007, I received a text message saying, “Please pray for the soul of my daughter Samantha.” I was trying to scroll it down when it just struck me that this was not a joke or a quote. Immediately, I replied to my friend asking her what happened. It was very evident that she didn’t want to explicate further and just typed in plain words, “dengue”.

A few days later, I was rushed to the hospital 5 o’clock in the morning. Well, that’s a different story. During my stay in this hospital, one of the nurses talked to me and told me that I am lucky. Of course I asked why. She told me that I was the only one with a different case who was rushed to the hospital. The rest of the patients were diagnosed with dengue fever. Then, I thought, this was really serious!!!

I got anxious as we just moved to a new house and was very troubled about my kids who were left at the house with my in-laws. It’s not that I am not at ease with them taking care of my kids. We just don’t know when they will strike.

So, I tried researching about this disease. Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes and caused by any of four related dengue viruses. This disease used to be called "break-bone" fever because it sometimes causes severe joint and muscle pain that feels like bones are breaking. Dengue is transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which feeds during the day.

The Cause

Dengue Fever is caused by 4 types of dengue virus;

1. DEN-1 2. DEN-2 3. DEN-3 4. DEN-4

It is said that you can be infected twice by 2 of the 4 types of dengue virus in your lifetime and once of the same type. A mosquito transmits this virus when they bite an infected person and later transmit it to the next person.

Preventive measures to fight this disease;

Use insect repellent lotion/spray.

Wear protective clothes like long sleeves, jackets, pants, socks, and shoes

Make sure you close your windows and doors. If you don’t have a screen, put some.

Relieve areas of things which mosquitoes will start breeding. Urge people to empty stagnant water from trashcans, containers, flowerpots and used tires.

I am writing this article for one main motive. This is something we all should not take for granted because there is still no vaccine for this disease. The main treatment for this is purely for the symptoms it causes. A lot of fluid intake and rest is also important.

Love yourself and most especially, love your family.

* In behalf of my family, and myself we pray for the soul of Samantha. May you rest in peace and your family be happy that the Lord is with you.

Brain Drain is defined by the Houghton Mifflin Company as “the departure of educated or talented persons for better pay or jobs”. Elsewhere, brain drain has been one of the major concerns faced by our country nowadays.

Senator Ralph Recto described this observable fact like so: "The country needs 10,000 new doctors by 2010 to satisfy the current shortage. Between 1,000 and 2,000 of these doctors would work overseas not as physicians but as nurses, to the detriment of millions of ailing Filipinos who need medical attention."

Clearly, the demand for doctors in our society is getting a large amount of increase each year. However, most of the educated doctors opt to relinquish their area of expertise for the sake of getting a higher pay in other countries as nurses. As a result, since there are very little skilled and trained doctors in our country, Filipinos who need good medical attention are not well taken cared of.

We cannot blame them regardless of the detriments caused by such occurrence. We cannot deny the fact that there are more opportunities given abroad that will allow them to gain a better lifestyle for their own families.

There is no easy way to combat this rapidly increasing situation. The damage of the society and the relationship between government and the masses has extremely affected a lot of major aspects concerning work and employment. Unless the government does something about this to regain the trust of Filipino doctors, nurses, or the like, this is going to keep on. Something must be done, yes, but while trying to figure it out, means of survival is necessary to progress in life – even if it means “brain draining” oneself.

Thinking of all the trials and adversities I've been through, I can say that one reason I survived was because of my prayers. If I hadn't prayed, probably I would be sick or locked up in a mental institution. Years have I spent waiting for the right time when God will listen to my distress and answer all my requests. But there was a time when I questioned myself If I’m doing it right.

"Do I Know how to pray?"

"Am I asking for too much?"

When we pray we usually start with asking God for what we want. The first step to prayer is : that we must believe that there is a God. We should trust his presence and knowing that whatever you say…HE HAS THE ANSWER ! In short, we have to receive Him and know that he’s there.

“Ask, and it shall be given unto you…” (Matthew 7:7-11)

We all know of these chapters in the Bible when God made the universe. He made man and took him to the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it as it was it’s own.

When God helped me in my life, I am asking Him to help me accomplish what he told me to do: To be strong and be patient. For whatever obstacle that comes our way. We are confident enough to deal with it.

We have to know what we're asking for. When we have a problem, you will notice that God doesn't usually give us the solution. He gives us ways on how to handle it. He gives us the power to surpass whatever storm that comes our way. For He will not let us fall because he knows our limits. He never lets us down.

We might ask for something else....but, he has better plans for us. FAR BETTER THAN WHAT WE ASK FOR !!!

It's been months since I found out that there is one way for us to express everything we want to say. That is through Blogging. Who would ever thought that people these days will be very comfortable sharing their thoughts and personal lives to the entire world?

This is really cool ! I used to keep my own journal but ended up being lazy to continue writing. You see, I love writing. Later then I realized that I love to write if I'm using my computer. Hahaha !!! Silly thought...

I've been busy these past few months due to domestic problems. But now, I'm all yours !!!

Actually I don't really know what to say right now...but, it's really great to be here... looking forward to give you more of my thoughts and opinions about stuff .

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