I came across a video in YOUtube.com about a person whose username is bassnrifle. He wrote about Filipinos in relation to the desperate housewives fever remark. Here’s the video and his comment about Filipinos :

“Filipinos got big issues.They gave a big damn on it. Who's desperate now? It's a BIG insult, and Filipinos deserve it. Many filipino doctors here in US are doing illegal things, like getting too much money from the insurance co. How do they do that? haha! See? you cry baby pinoys know nothing! And stop thinking that filipino nurses (ewww!) and pinoy doctors are in demand because they are that good, hell no! They are in demand because of "CHEAP LABOR". But the quality? How is it? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”



I believe it's not proper for you to speak ill of Filipinos like that. We are human too you know. We are just trying to react on the things that they did / say. It was really wrong for them to broadcast such remarks. NO matter what race or country it came from. A public apology is still needed for that.

What if we Filipinos say that Americans are too proud or user friendly people. Isn't it that Americans will get mad?...Of course, they would. it's not the people we're mad at. It's the remarks. If we people would just think straight and just backup each others differences. Our world will be a better place.

Filipinos are hard working people. They strive hard to work for their families they left behind. There might be a few that needed some guidance not to over use their so smart minds in doing bad stuff. But, it's just a matter of acceptance and appreciation towards each other. Be a people person and be sensitive about other people's feelings.

God Bless you ! Don't be so judgmental or such a racist. God did not plan his people to fight but to love and support each other. No hard feelings Bro ! You're not the one being asked for an apology. It's the actions from people who have hurt decent and hardworking individuals who, in fact, are just minding their own business.


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