I talked to my daughter today asking her questions. I thought maybe this is the right time to make her confess about what she thinks about the 10 things kids hate about “US” adults. How did I convince her to talk? Well, bribing is one thing that really helped.

  1. They always blame the kids even though it is their fault.
  2. Even though you put a sign on your door, they still go in your room.
  3. They make us take a nap even if we are not sleepy.
  4. They make me sleep early at night when I don’t feel like sleeping yet.
  5. They are so boring!
  6. When they get mad they are screaming…SUPER LOUD!!!
  7. If they need to say sorry, they are waiting for the kids to say sorry.
  8. They don’t like watching cartoons. They watch too much boring shows.
  9. They talk too much.
  10. When you ask them a question, they will tell the answer…. then, they tell you a story that would really bore you. You have to pretend that you are listening.

These are the exact words coming from my daughter. Some can make you laugh. Some are eye openers for me as a parent or an adult. This really helped me be closer to my kid in a way. Have you ever talked to your kids about their thoughts?


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