Countless thoughts and sentiments are hard to express in words. Well, it may not be always but sometimes a visual picture rich in style, color and texture can best express how we really feel. Most often drawings can speak thoughts from the unconscious that the conscious mind can embark on to decipher and be aware of for a more truthful picture of the real you.

COLORS and SHAPES of objects : This can signify the mood and personal meaning. I’ve read somewhere that “exploring thoughts, memories and feelings from the right side of the brain can often guide us to a clearer perceptive of where these come from and what they represent. A plot included in drawings can be used to enhance memories of journal/blogs/diary entries from events, travel or situations.

Someone suggested some useful tips, which I want to share with you used in art therapy classes:

  1. Close your eyes and draw a line on a page. Open your eyes and from what you see, finish the picture to make whatever you would like.
  2. Draw something that best describes you.
  3. Pin point one part of your body, which stress usually starts.
  4. Draw a mandala. Your own mandala.

(A Mandala is from the Sanskrit for circle. A complex circular design, intended to draw the eye inward to its center.)

  1. Draw something that represents your resentment, trepidation or feelings.
  2. Draw anything you like. Anything that comes to your mind for any reason whatsoever.

Here’s my drawing:


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