This is the only time I've been excited with my trip again. So, I'm very proud to share it to everybody. As we were sitting waiting for the sea lion show to start, a crew asked me if I wanted to be the lucky guest. Well, not knowing what to do I said, "yes".

This enormous sea lion was my blind date on this show. I was really shocked when the trainer asked me to stand beside Coby the Famous Sealion. It was really cool when he stretched his flippers (if that's what you call them) , it seem he knows and understand what he's told to do.

Can you see Coby trying to lean towards me?
Wow ! Actually, he's waiting for me to give him my cheek. So, he could give me a very big wet kiss ! My reaction was really not that amused, don't you think so?! I was feeling kinda scared at first. But, when asked to rate Coby's Kiss, it wasn't at all bad.

I gave him a 10 !!! Best Kisser of 2007.. hahaha !!!


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