To top it all, this story started when my auntie applied for internet broadband connection. At that moment, she was offered with a promo package : apply for an internet connection + get an HP printer for only P599. That would a great deal if you try looking at the regular price of the printer. So, she took the offer. She was promised that she would get the printer after 2 days upon installation.
December 25, 2007
We learned that nobody from the telecommunications company or people responsible for the printer ever called or informed my auntie what had happened to the missing printer. So, we started calling the hotline on the 26th.

Promises...promises...promises....up until now, there was no printer in sight. Gosh! where could've that printer went? There was some customer service saying that 'SPEEDEX Philippines" (assigned courier for the printers) had a problem with their scheduling. Wow! Great Lie !!!

Today is ...hmm... January 7....2008 !!! Oh my *&^#@!.... phew !!! It has been almost 2 months .... all they get is promises.

Now, I've talked to customer service of the telecommunications company. They are claiming now that 'SPEEDEX' has not yet received the soft copy for the release of the printer. and that the printer is still in the warehouse of the Telecommunications company. How could that be? Who's to blame?...

Conversation started 12:00 nn up until 2:40pm

How could such company allow this kind of situation to happen?... Doesn't this company think of their reputation? Why hire people if they are incompetent?

Let's see what's gonna happen next... they said, we're gonna receive a call (again) and that the printer will be received not later than friday.


  1. ~Deb  

    January 10, 2008 at 4:37 AM

    Incompetent businesses will soon go under if they continue doing things the way they did. I was offered a free DVD with my satellite dvd. Nothing. I was also promised free HD once, at my old apartment. Nothing. Sometimes it could just be the representative who messes everything up, leaving the company looking really bad. The customer service rep is the voice of the company and should really pay attention to detail. I know, because I was a customer service rep for an internet and phone company. DETAILS is everything!

  2. Anonymous  

    January 10, 2008 at 11:41 AM

    You are most definitely right there missy! I was a customer service rep too before. Learning all the details and upcoming products to sell should be reviewed very carefully first before offering it to the customers. Companies should be giving more training to reps who do not follow company policies.

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