Huh?! I am not really sick you know. It's my children! I've been having sleepless nights for two days. Two of my boys just had fever. My 1 year old just had a rash which needed some medicine to remove the itchiness. This gave me a chance to get a good night sleep. I was told the medicine (Iterax) would make my son sleep through out the night. Which he did. Very unlikely of him. Because during normal days, he would wake up at night and simply cry just to make me get up and get him. My second eldest has an ear infection again. That's explains the fever he is getting.

Thank God! Everything is well. I myself went to a Dermatologist. I'm just getting too uncomfortable with the rashes growing on my face. You know the feeling when you always want to wet your face because of its dryness? Hard. I recently bought a facial wash (Clearasil). But the doctor advised me to discontinue using it. I was told that clearasil is for people who has oily skin. Those people who has lots of pimple wanting to pop out. So, it's definitely not for me. Instead, I bought Celeteque. My face feels kinda nice when I used it. Very refreshing. my skin doesn't feel as if it's being pulled.

I've never used any products on my face when I was a teen. But, I noticed wrinkles are starting to show. I decided to try those products which could reduce wrinkles like Oil of Olay. Well, it's also recommendable. I advise women to use it.

Anyway, enough of this. I'm off for lunch. I will be coming back later for a little something. Ciao...


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