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  1. aatiis  

    February 28, 2008 at 7:24 PM

    Hi. Did you get any referrals from this link? Tell me please, is this REALLY a good GPT site, does this pay, have you been actually paid out, is it not just a scam, etc.? If it is for real, I might join, and when I join, I'll chose to become your referral.
    But I'm not that 'fair play' kind of guy. If I ever sign up, it will be with a bunch of fake IDs, building up my own referral network, redirecting all the emails to a robot account and a nice little Python script that 'reads' the emails, 'clicks' on the ads and even enters the verification code or whatever, or gives a random opinion. No, I'm not going to read a single e-mail ad :) I prefer to remain a cheater.
    The only problem whit these sites is that some of them just scam you and don't pay, especially (but not always) those '$10 bonus' ones. Please give some more info and I'll see.

    PS: if you play MapleStory, check out my blog: MapleStory Tools.

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