As much as I want to give every blogger an award. There's just too much of you that really interests me. Some of you have been picked because you've always been seen hopping through my blog and commenting. I appreciate bloggers when they comment as this helps me know where I'm good at or what really interests readers.

Here it goes:

1. Mr. Nice Guy
This site is basically all about money. A great way to get tips on how to make money online as well as tips on how to increase traffic. I've rated some of its post a high 5. Check it out. You will definitely benefit from reading its articles about increasing money on your pocket. By the way, Mr. Nice Guy is surely a very nice guy. check out his post :

2. Tim Kissane
This blog is what they call the Inflatable Soapbox with personal commentary on Linuxm OpenSource and more...

3. Lolo's Cube
Lolo's Cube is a blog which gives women ideas of what's hip and what's not in the fashion world. You can see variety of different styles and trends of apparels, bags, shoes and other accessories. Be smart and go to Lolo's cube to keep up with the latest trends and learn to look beautiful with style.

4. GNR Group
This site belongs to a group of professional web designers. They help interested site owners by giving them advice on how to make their site more appealing. This is perfect for people who needs help especially for new web-designers and blog owners. It is said that, blog design helps increase traffic. So, why don't you try asking the GnR group for some advice.

5. Your Best World Spots
This site presents you the best pictures from all over the world. It's just like traveling around the world on your PC. They are inviting you to add your comments and to vote for your favorite spot which results will be given every 15 days)


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