As you've noticed, I haven't been blogging for quite sometime. Last week of February and the whole month of March has been the most busiest time of mine. At least, I'm done with birthday parties. Goodness! The planning and preparing just makes me feel so tired and exhausted. I guess, It's time to take a break and keep blogging again. I miss this. I miss the sound of my keyboard. Lol!!!

It was an opportunity for me though. You see, I have this small business. I make simple jewelries. It gave me an opportunity to show and introduce my stuff. I get to sell more than 5 item each party. Great huh?! Anyway, Thanks for the people who liked it. It also felt good that they appreciate my bracelets and earrings.
As you can see, the picture at the left is one of the best buys. It comes in different colors. I've also had a chance to get some people to order the style and colors they want for their accessories.

I'll be back later for more post. I have to take my kids to a children's party nearby. So, gotta go and hi to my blogger friends. You guys know who you are.


  1. Our Life in a Day  

    April 9, 2008 at 1:27 PM

    so busy it seems.. welcome back in blogging..hi there.. please visit my newest blogsite.. and pls add it to your blogroll.

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