As you look at my previous post, I stated that I was talking to my writers. We were talking about business when one of my writers just can't seem to stop herself from opening up. So we left the group and did a private chat. It was another sleepless night for me. I can't stop myself from thinking. The things she said just keeps running through my mind.

Sometimes I wonder. How would you know if the spark you have and your husband is gone?How would you know if your husband doesn't find you attractive anymore? I don't know why I am so concerned. Maybe, it's because I too am married and have a husband. I just don't know why these thoughts keeps on knocking through my brain.

I remember her saying ;

There are nights when I feel restless. Feeling sad and lonely. I can't understand. He doesn't kiss me anymore. Not unless I kiss him. He gives me a smack once in awhile. But, that's it.

Then she added ;

We never make love the way we used to. Most of the time, he just lays down and let me do all the work. I feel that all he cares about is his own satisfaction. Not even thinking if he's given satisfaction to his wife.

The worst thing is, he doesn't say I love You anymore ! Not unless I tell him, then that's the time he answers back. Sometimes, he would just ignore what I said.

I felt ashamed that time. For I didn't utter a single word. I just listened. Not knowing what to say, but I'm sorry. I felt like, all she needed is someone who would listen to her. Someone to cry to. I was thinking of something to say that would make her feel better. But, couldn't find the words. She even sent me a prayer about the problems she's facing now. Don't worry readers, I already asked permission from her if I could publish it. I just can't mention her name to the public. I explained to her that it gave impact to my life right now. I became aware of certain stuff. And, I have to shout it out. Maybe, someone out there would have something more better to say. Someone out there would give better advice than the one I gave her.

Here's my writer's prayer:

Lord, give me answers. Enlighten me with everything that I'm confused about. I love my husband so much! But, I have one question...does he really love me? How much?

I am not asking for too much. I just can't seem to understand where I really am right now. I mean, what I am to him. I know he provides for us but sometimes, it makes me think that the reason why he's thriving hard on his work is because he needs to think of his OWN goals and dreams. How about the simple things that would make his family happy? I assume he has already put that aside. Being too caught up with his dreams that he's starting to misunderstand and bypass his families needs and real happiness.

Lord, I appreciate him and his good deeds. But, why can't he appreciate the simple things I could offer to our family. Lord help me please! Help me lift up my cross.

Until now, I know she's not yet healed. I do hope and pray for her peace of mind. I believe that the more people pray for a person, the stronger the prayer will be. May God Bless her.


  1. Niña  

    April 17, 2008 at 10:09 PM

    I’m single but currently in a relationship. My fiancé is driven also to achieve something and we agreed that I will support him all the way. He thrives with success so I intend to keep my promise while at the same time keeping that vow to keep the passion of our love burning.

    I asked him once if he’s willing to settle with a simple life with me and his answer was simple, “Yes, but isn’t it we’ll be happier if we will both work for the improvement of each other?”

    I guess in a way he was right. I just hope that someday I won’t face the same dilemma your friend is currently facing now.

    I can only sympathize but I guess I will never know what she really feels now. She’s in my prayers and I wish her husband will realize soon how lucky he is to have a wife like her. May God enlighten their relationship.

    I wish them both happiness.

  2. Jirel  

    April 19, 2008 at 2:22 PM

    Well I don't know how to look and solve such problem from married person's point of view being unmarried.But, I wantto suggest her few ideas that may suggest whether one is married or not.
    It is sure everything that happens in our life happens for certain reasons.So, it is necessary find out the main cause of her husband's negligence. Have you done anything that may have caused to lessen your husbands interests in you?
    Oh! I am sorry. I have to write more here but I immediately have to leave this computer. But, I will come after sometime and will complete my words.

  3. Waterrose  

    April 20, 2008 at 12:29 AM

    Your post brought back a memory from my first marriage. We had friends who had split, and we were out taking a walk. I stopped dead in my tracks and asked my husband..."that's not going to happen to us is it?" We stood there a moment and both agreed that no it wouldn't. Five years later our relationship was over. Between that and what happened later made me realize and understand that there is a lot of defining moments in life and that at any moment everything can change.

  4. Jirel  

    April 22, 2008 at 12:34 PM

    Sorry it has taken sometime for me to come back to complete my previous comment.
    Recently one of my colse friend who was very close and open with me and had been so for many years suddently turned away from me and even didn't talk with me if I called her as well. I was surprised to see her with that change. I had never said anything wrong and negative with her. This remained for about five days.
    But, I decided to ask her what happend to her and why did she was not talking with me.
    What actually happened was that one of my neighbors had told her some negative compliments as said my me which I have never said.
    After sometime of talkning she believed me and we also asked my neighbor. I don't know why he done that.
    So, you should also first I think try to find the main reason.
    I hope all things will be normal soon.

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