It has been a long time since I last wrote a real story. A lot of things has happened and I wouldn't want to experience those ugly stuff that occurred a few weeks back. I may not have the mood to tell you guys my unforgettable and bad experience. Maybe someday when I think I'm ready to tell the world.

Anyway, I've had beautiful and wonderful things that happened last May 19-21. My husband and I went on a vacation to Bohol. It's been so long since I last rode an airplane. I really missed it. We planned this vacation ever since last year. Unfortunately, we were planning to go to Singapore or Malaysia before. There's just one problem and it's another story. Well, no regrets though. We had a great time.

We booked ourselves to a very nice private beach resort which they call Bohol Beach Club. There were no vendors walking around to sell stuff. No people annoying you to avail of their service like massage, tattoo etc... It was really solemn. The beach was really clear and you can really see the things below the water. That's how clear the water was. The sand was really soft. You cannot feel rocks sticking to your feet. Only corals and different types of starfishes, jellyfish and alot more. It's a great way to relax and spend your quality time with that special someone. If you're thinking of your safety. No need to worry. There are life guards around to keep an eye on you and your kids.

They provide quality food and service and really good. The people are very friendly and helpful too. We went on a tour to different tourist spots, island hopping and snorkeling. Actually, there are more things to do there. There's just not enough time for us to do them. Sigh! I just wish we could stay there more. It was so relaxing! Sunbathing and just feeling the calming breeze from the beach.


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