People are just not satisfied with what they have. Sometimes, we never notice that we are lucky. We have a job, a family, friends, a house, money..etc. We hate coming to work because we don't want to see our own boss. It annoys us when he gives us too much tasks or if he gives us this weird look everyday. When we're at home, we sometimes wished we're in a different place. With friends, we sometimes wished we have better. Our house, we wished that it was bigger and more of like a celebrity mansion. How much is enough for us?

Looking at life as our biggest and most wonderful gift we could ever have will make it more easier for us to appreciate the things around us. Even the simplest things that come our way. We have to be happy and contented to the things brought to us as not all of us were given such blessings. Some do not have families. Some do not have jobs. Some do not have friends. Some do not have almost everything we have. So, look around you and APPRECIATE !!!

If you have a terrible boss, just be contented. As long as you have a job that will reward you to a sum of money which you deserve to have. A small house?... just be comfy with it. No matter how small it is, it still shelters you from heat and rain. It gives you comfort from the cold breeze we get outside. Friends, no matter how screwed up they look, they will always be there if you needed them. Just like your own family, love them, care for them, treasure them! Because they will be the last one to perish when everything else is gone. Through thick and thin...they will stay beside you and show how happy they are, just to be with you. This is because they love you and will stick with you no matter what.


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