My sister is now in her 3rd year as a nursing student. As early as now, when I told her about travel nursing she was so thrilled. She said, as soon as she graduates, that is what she wanted to do. My sister is single and loves to travel. She’s been to different countries and doesn’t have any difficulty adjusting to different lifestyles. So, anyone who has the skill and knowledge in nursing and loves traveling is suited for a position as a travel nurse. Travel nursing gives you a priceless job experience.

Not only does travel nursing have excellent income benefits. They also have the benefits of full medical, vision, dental, life insurance. Travel nurses do not have to worry about finding a comfortable place for them to stay because a good quality furnished free housing is also offered.

In nursing history, nurses would travel with doctors who would go to different hospitals to different parts of the world. But, I’m not really sure where they stay back then. Of course, these nurses won’t be paying too much attention to these offers if they weren’t given much importance, as to giving them their needs and desires.

It is evident to the world that quality nurses are being transported to one place to another. That is why giving these nurses the attention and benefits will ensure the safety of nursing practice for the protection of the patients.

A better health care and safer nursing practice.

The Task is to have one vision so we can DO it into a common achievement. Being a travel nurse is an offer that is hard to turn down. If I could go back in time and had knowledge about this great opportunity, I would definitely be one of them.


  1. jessie  

    December 8, 2007 at 6:59 PM

    hello kabayan, i'm a nursing researcher... pls visit my site on nursing and other topics if u have time... ur blog is cool.

    jessie @ What Have You

    take care!

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