Huh?! Everything's Ok. It's just sometimes you seem to feel that there's something lacking. I have my family, friends, money is not at all a problem (sometimes...hehehe!) but, there's just something that is bothering me. I just don't know what. Have you ever felt this way sometime in your life? I feel like doing something. But, I don't know what.

It's like if ever I find what it is..." I'll be OK".

Ok...ok...what a word. Nothing really satisfies a man. Why is that? Sad to think that we feel this way when we know that God will not disappoint us. When problems occur I just turn to him that's it. Coz' I know he will not leave me hanging. He knows until where we can handle our problems or anxiety. Oh I know !!! Maybe it's hormones that's making me feel down and lonely. : (

Maybe I just have to spend more time out of my home. Have some air maybe or a trip to disneyland. Huh?! as if I can go there that easy.

Maybe, thinking too much is bad for me. Gotta think of ways to entertain myslf.. chaio !!!


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