Isn't it sad when find out that someone you cared about has been saying bad stuff about you? You never expected that he will say one thing and says a different thing when you're not face to face. When you two are talking, it seem like he agrees to what you're saying or you two are having fun talking. But, when he's with other people, he starts to complain about you and over reacts on things you do. I'm really disappointed!!!
You know what, I'm the kind of person who doesn't really complain about what another person wants to do with his/her life. Because that's makes him/her happy. Don't you think so?!!! I'm really furious right now. I just want to scream it all out.

I am a Christian and a person who has respect for other people's privacy. What I was taught was not to look into other people's business. If you're bored, then, look for something to make you occupied. I don't have to say things like. You should have or why this..why that. It's a different story when someone other than your husband complains about what you should do or what you should be doing. I think it's not healthy for people to intrude on other people's lives. I don't want to set examples. For it will too harsh for me to do. If you have something to say about someone, tell it right to her face. Don't pretend that it's ok. Because there's not gonna be a misunderstanding if communication is open.

However, if you are this type of person. You are just making things more complicated when things are A OK. Instead of just understanding each other's feelings and shortcomings. God! I just hate it when people starts to complain too much. Would their lives be better if they always look into the positives of a person than digging for negative ones. Just for them to say something or to be recognized?!!!

God bless these people ! I just pray that He will give me more patience and strength in my everyday trials and pains. I trust and Pray. Amen.


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