I just want to explain my side about my older post. This is just based on my experience. I don't want to assume that this will work with everyone. This would depend on the child's character.

Here it goes:
This started when the teacher told me that my son needed some one on one talk regarding his behavior in school. He's been imitating the characters he watches on cartoon channels. Specifically, Power Rangers and other violent cartoon shows. My husband and I tries not to let them watch every cartoon show on cable. It's just hard . We just came up with a solution that maybe, we can lessen his time for watching TV. We didn't say, "NO TV!!!". At least, minimize the amount of time a child spends on watching such cartoon shows. Somehow, the commenter is right. No TV can leave your child not to be updated with the latest fad on cartoons. He will be left out when children starts talking about certain tv shows or cartoon characters.

My son began to stay in the Honor roll for 2 consecutive qaurters. It really made us so happy and too confident enough that he is ready.


we allowed him to watch Tv again without restrictions. Then, came the next report card.
He didn't get any place. The teachers were also disappointed with this. The teacher knew at once what made him lose that place. Watching TV....

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No Honor for lower conduct


  1. dyosa  

    January 28, 2008 at 3:35 PM

    when i was still studying especially when i was in grade school, my parents won't let me watch V during weekdays. i've gotten used to it and even practiced the "No TV on weekdays" when i was in HS and even when i was in college.

    the "no TV" rule really helped me a lot in focusing more on my lessons, assignments and projects. it also made me appreciate books even more (not to mention cross stitching & scrapbook-making). it also made me more social because i get to spend more time with my family and friends (whenever they visit for group studies). up to now, i'm still not much into TV shows. i still find myself turning the telly on during weekends. :-)

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