I ran across a blog who is putting up an ENTRECARD contest. A person is entitled for a 1 point per question answered. It's up to you if you want answer each of the questions as long as it's applicable to you. The contest will expire on February 14, 2008. There will be 3 lucky bloggers who will win 300 ECs.


1. Would you celebrate this coming Valentines or not?
Yes, I think so. My husband just requested his day off from his boss for FEB 14.

2. What do you like most about your partner?
He is such a good provider.

3. What do you think does your partner like most about you?
You know what, I'm not really sure. Let's just say, I'm good at doing Overtime
with Him. Hehehe!!!

4. How did you and your special someone meet?
Well, I've known him since he was in 1st year High School. Before anything
else,I am now 29 years of age. I just didn't want to let him know that I have a
crush on him. You see, he is 3 years younger than I am. I don't want to say
when is the exact date we met. But there was this time when I went to the mall
to get my cellphone repaired. I went to his office and he was the first person
who entertained me. without me knowing that he knows me too. I remember I was
feeling a little shy then, because he kept on looking at me. Anyway, after his
office, I went to the groceries. Then, my phone rang. I instantly knew that the
text message I received was from him. I don't know why. But, I have this

The text message :

my hubby: hi!
nhea: Who's this please?
my hubby: I'm sorry to disturb you. But, you really look familiar.

Giggling, smiling to myself..Can you just imagine how I look then? Pretending I
didn't know him. I said;

Nhea : Oh I see. What school did you go to? ( with a smile :)...
Hubby: I when to St. Francis and Lyceum for College.
Nhea: Oh...no wonder, we went to the same High School.

So from there we started sharing stories about common friends and previous
teachers. Days past...then, months...

Maybe, he just can't get enough of me...so, we got married.

5. What’s the most romantic thing your partner ever did for you?
Well, romantic enough to level what my expectations are..none as of the moment.

7. And the final question, of course…. What is your definition of love? ;P
Love is unconditional. Love is sacrifice. Love is when you feel happy when
you put others happiness first. Love is when you're very sleepy and you still
wait for him to make sure he has eaten already. Love is when you don't just dream
for yourself. Your dream is for the whole family. There's more but I won't be able
to enumerate anymore. There's too many to mention.

Now, that you've read mine. Just answer the same questions. Just click the link where this contest started : ENTRECARD CONTEST

PS. Don't forget to drop your entrecard before you leave this page. :)


  1. elaine  

    February 12, 2008 at 1:36 PM

    Hi Nhea, you and your partner's story (they way you met) sounds so sweet. Some people are really meant to be together. I hope you have a wonderful Valentines!

    Thanks for joining the Mushy Entrecard Contest.


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