Haven't had much to say this past few days. The only time that this thought sinked in was when I was doing my make up. Looking through all the stuff on my dresser, I just realized something. My husband may not be that romantic type of a guy who would do reservations in a romantic restaurant. He may not be the type who would give me bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate for Valentines. But, I do get what I want even though there is no special occasion.

Some women would envy others when they see them holding the usual flower - chocolate thingys. They just don't realize or look more closely of the things their loved ones do for them everyday. I cannot say everyone is lucky enough to receive the same treatment I get from my hubby. But the thought of my husband giving me the freedom to buy anything from the grocery. It's just like, he's saying, don't starve yourself! When we're out he would never fail to ask me if I want to buy anything. Because you see, I don't ask my husband to buy me this and buy me that. Maybe, that is why he is so thankful that I'm not a spender. So, he's so generous when it comes to shopping.

You see, he's more of a practical person. Buy what you need and buy something that you think you haven't had for awhile. Do you get what I mean? He wants me to buy something that would last. Something that is of use. Something that I would really enjoy. Even for sometime, it may not be permanent. As long as, it will not only last for 2 days. That's why he took me to this store where you can buy all sorts of make up. Well, yes I did bought some make up. To tell you the truth, he was right. I felt happier to see something which he gave . At least, it reminds me of him every time I use them.

So, if you're a lady. Be appreciative enough to say thank you to your loved one. Even if you don't get flowers or chocolates during valentines. We have different kids of love language. It's up to us how to understand our partners way of showing his love. Communicate with him. Let him know how you feel. I don't want to be a hypocrite to say that I don't want to receive flowers on valentines or treated extra special on this day. it's just that, I don't want to expect too much from him because he's not expecting too much from me too. And also, I can see that he sees to it that I am well provided in every aspect.


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