You are walking across a street and there was this person driving the car of your dreams. Have you ever wished that it were you driving that car? You asked yourself how could it be possible for you to have it when you can’t afford it. Well, there is this company who could help you drive away with your dream car.

Motors helps you to get a car loan, which is most favorable for your budget. They have different types of loans that they refer to as Standard loans and Best Secured Loans. For Standard Loans you can apply from Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Alliance & Leicester, Northern Rock. For Best Secured Loans:, FirstPlus Exclusive and Ocean Finance. These loans have different rates so, it is best to know and understand carefully the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstanding.

Having an impaired credit is not a problem. In Motors Today, you will be asked to fill up an online form to know if you are eligible for a Creditplus Car Finance or an Accept Car Credit Premier Loan.

In choosing a car loan be prepared to answer all the questions. Before you commit to any negotiation, don’t be afraid to ask if you are uncertain and is need of an answer regarding the loan you are about to get. Motors is one company who makes sure everything is well taken cared of. Trust is what they want to establish with their customers.

Check out their site and see more choices of cars and vans. Planning to sell your car? They also give you a chance to advertise your car for a very low and affordable price.

As Motors Today said, “ Motors Today assists you in every phase of the car buying process”.


  1. Quenut  

    March 23, 2008 at 3:37 PM

    Great post! And very interesting for me, as I will be moving over to the UK next week.

    My problem is not really bad credit, but I will probably need a loan to buy a car. And as I've heard, to get a loan in the UK can be hard unless you've held a job there for several years (which obivously doesn't apply to me - yet :)

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