It was when I was studying in Singapore. I remember being brought to the principals office. I think it was during my nursery days. Hahaha!!! Too young for a rebel. Anyway, I have this classmate who torment most of the kids in my class. He is a big fat boy who would go around making children cry. He would often get my classmates food. Sometimes he would just push them or hurt them in all sorts of ways. Having seen him being such a pain in our class. I told myself that if he does those mean things to me, I'd probably don't know what to do. You see, he's a lot bigger than I am. Plus, he is a boy.

One recess time, that same bully approached me and was trying to see if he can make me cry. I'm not sure what happened. But I just snapped! I took his shirt and pulled it close to me. I started saying things to him. (I just can't remember what) Until, I made him cry. Imagine a small little girl making a gigantic kid cry and ran like a little piglet. I felt like a superhero. Kids started to cheer for me. I guess they were happy that he met his match at last. The commotion gave attention to the teachers. I was the main star of that event. Instead of the bully being brought to the principals office, it was me. The principal asked my teacher to call my parents. This made me really scared. Later on, my parents came and started talking to the teachers and the principal. I was excused in class for what happened. The principal shook hands with my parents and then, we left.

I was waiting for my parents reaction. But, I never expected to see my parents laugh instead of getting mad after being sent to the principals office. They explained that there are certain things that is okey to them. And there are bad things I should not repeat. The good part was that they found out that I can defend myself even though, I'm this small. I can carry myself through rough times. But, when it comes to revenge. It's a no-no to them. I was taught that if someone hurts you, don't seek revenge. It's okay to speak to them in a proper manner. But, doing the same thing will not do anything good. It will just create a never ending war.

Forgive while its early. If the person doesn't change, then just do the right thing. Until that person realizes that you are not affected by everything he does to you. Therefore, he is just wasting his time on you. You should feel blessed that someone is trying to waste his time on you. Just because he doesn't have anything best to do for himself. Be glad...just stay cool. Leave all the grudges to him. All the joy to you !!!


  1. Devilishqueen  

    March 15, 2008 at 10:49 PM

    Remember that afternoon chitchat we had? yep.. that time when we weren't even that close.. yet, i found myself opening up to u..

    That time, i realized that everything does really happen for a reason.. i may not haven't showed u how thankful i am.. but just so you know.. your words have greatly contributed to what I have become now.

    Thanks po ulit ng madami.

    Ngapala.. buzz me anytime now. GISING nako.. hahahaha! love u nhea!

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