I recently found a website called 3gb where you can meet new friends and old friends you have not seen for the longest time. I have been to other community sites like Friendster but this one has its own uniqueness and ways to make each member enjoy himself or herself. I even tried signing up to know more about this cool site. You will be able to upload photos as long as you do not finish all the 5MB space. What really makes it awesome is that you are given the option to change the color, style, font of your albums. Putting a CSS code does the trick. Wow!!! They even allow you to create your own blog there. What’s remarkable about this is that you can listen to the radio and hear your favorite songs while doing your thing. At the same time you will be able to chat with one of your friends. I am sure I’ have encouraged you enough to join 3gb. Just click the link for you to go there: http://www.3gb.biz. It is very user friendly.

But you know what? After I have signed up. It did not even took hours or days to find or look for a friend. There was already someone who invited me to be his friend. This just shows that you are not alone. You will definitely find someone out there for you. Either to be your friend or your future, I don't know. That thing is up to you. Register now and you will gain more friends.


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