I have stumbled into an interesting site of neri grace. A 14 year old gal who is already hooked into blogging at a very young age. A smart way to spend your summer instead of going out with your friends. Than, asking your parents for money to go shopping or for anything else. Her blog talks about all sorts of different topics. I think, this gal only does post of things which interest her. That is what makes her effective in writing a certain post. As you visit her blog, you can tell that it belongs to a much younger generation. Almost everything in her blog is pink. But, what amazes me more is when you look through her previous entries. Oh boy! Does she have a lot of product reviews asked from her? Keep up the good work little lady. It is better to save up for the future than to spend on things that are not really that important. You are very welcome to buzz me anytime you need any help. Chiao! ...and God bless !


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