It has been a month since I started working. Having myself at home for almost 2 years makes it really very hard for me to adjust to my work environment and my schedule. Working again makes me a lot more skinnier than ever. I can feel my bones when I touch myself, not the usual skin, meat then bones feeling. Call me the Skinny mommy. Well, my pals at work actually envy me for having to maintain my figure even if I have 3 kids. Well, what they don't know is that my secret to staying slim is....(ooops! that's why it's a secret) Huh?! Yet, I force myself to adjust and eat as much as I can. Getting sick is not even on my list. Being absent at work is not even close to what I want to do. 1 day of absent would ruin my budget and plus, I would miss a lot. But, what can you say, I love my job. Though I know that I'm overwhelmed with mixed emotions...I don't even know what I'm feeling each day I wake up. All I know is, I have to work and I want to prove myself something.
That is, I was made by God to do something more for myself, my family and the world.
Two paydays has passed and this just proves that I am doing well. Coping with something that is actually hard but, challenging for me.
I miss staying at home and being able to spend my whole day with my family. Still, I have to face the fact that life is getting harder each day. Our economy is not rising, so we don't have to be part of those people who would prefer to indulge themselves on to things that aren't really important.
Kudos to people who have appreciation to small things. Those are the ones who excel and get to get what they want. No matter how long it takes...


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