Gosh! It's Monday again. I have to do my daily routine of waking up at quarter to six. Cook breakfast and help my second son get ready for school. Making sure my husband eats a lot and prepares all his stuff before going to work. Well, I know …he’s big enough to prepare his own breakfast or his things. But, it’s just my way of showing him my gratitude of being a great provider and an excellent husband. It's just a little unusual today, knowing my baby has a little fever. Must be more cautious though. Have to ensure that the temperature is ok once in awhile. I’m not hoping for a dengue fever but we just don’t know when it will smack.

Hmm…. Planning to go to the mall today. I’m planning for my son’s 1st Birthday party.

Actually, I’m running out of ideas on what foodstuff people prefer to devour; adults and children. And oh! Games...it would be cool to have lots of games. We already have the “Pabitin”, bring me games. But, it’s just too common.

It would be great if you join me in my neighborhood and I’d be glad enough to entertain suggestions and advice. See yah …


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